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Custom Coating Innovations specializes in molding and Coating Solutions. Molding is an effective alternative to typical plastics process for the molding of covers, grips, handles various other applications.

Molded and Coated solutions can offer an attractive alternative to painting and/or other standardize methods of sealing and protecting. Plastisol, Latex and other rubber based material has come a long way over the past years and more and more companies are looking at this based material as options to not only protect, but to increase product longevity and minimizing extensive damaging to equipment.


"We create value for our customers through innovative technology, expertise in their industrial processes and by responding with a sense of urgency. The mission of Custom Coating Innovations is to commit our resources and expertise to developing and manufacturing the best products for our customers. We work directly with customers to solve challenges and provide solutions that surpass the market."



One of the areas that CCI takes pride in is our molded products. Like our name says we are Innovators when it comes to new product design and concepts. We can design any solution that would fit your specifications and/or design and our color options are almost unlimited.



CCI has been coating products for many years. Our coating concept is so state of the art that once we coat your product the coating is almost impossible to remove. Again, a coated product stands up very well to the harsh environment and the color options is almost unlimited.



CCI has been supplying Wildlife Mitigation solutions to the Power Utility Companies for many years. Our Avian Protection products are well received within the industry and can be installed easily and safely. Plus once in place they almost never have to be maintained and/or serviced. CCI products fall in line with both ASTM and ANSI requirements.


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